Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Day

Emily has been pushing me to update my blog since she doesn’t like to be the focus of my attention. The problem is, there really isn’t that much to talk about. It is not that my job is secret or something cool like that. It is actually the opposite. After three months, I still squat at any open desk and my title of “the guy that does stuff” remains. There is only one task that has remained consistent throughout the time I have been here. In case you are wondering what that task is, it is carrying around a box with my stuff looking for the next open desk.

The other day I was sitting in a meeting while filling in for someone who was not there. A common topic came up. In typical military fashion, our vision sometimes does not extend very far past the front sight post of the rifle. In this case our organization is growing rapidly and there is no room in the chancery for us. The solution is simple, build a temporary facility to house us until a more permanent solution is available. The problem is, the facility they are planning to build still has fewer seats then we have butts.

The boss then mentioned that the building will not be complete for some time and that we are getting some inbounds. This is where it gets great “We are getting two more people this week. I know that we are already 5 computers/desks short but we will have to start planning this. Big guy, you are going to need to find a new seat to make room for the person coming tonight.” In case you are wondering this individual calls me “big guy.”

What I found particularly odd about this was that he knows I don’t have my own desk. So am I supposed to find a new other desk or what…..I am just confused.

On a positive note, I have found great pleasure in my work as well. The other day I was asked to staple a couple of pieces of paper together, although many would find that to be a daunting task, I wielded my Swingline like the warrior I am and stapled those pieces of paper. Rewarding, absolutely rewarding.

I have also found a new love for running. Running is a painful activity especially when it is really hot. But running gets me out of the office and the pain produced by running actually distracts from the pain of the office. I hope I step on a nail one day, which would be pure bliss compared to sitting in my borrowed chair for 12 hours.

The other day I saw a man on a bike, I was jealous. I stopped him to see if he would sell me his beat up Peugeot 10 speed, but alas, he did not speak English.

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  1. Perhaps you are just supposed to find a box for the newbie and give him a review in musical chairs. Or maybe he was just giving you the go ahead to start shopping or ordering desks to be built.