Friday, July 15, 2011

These shoes were made for chewing: preferably by me

The other day I spent $100 on some new dress shoes. The sad thing is $100 doesn't get you $100 worth of dress shoe. I wore them for three hours. I took them off and about one hour later Emily's new dog had chewed them up.

After resisting the urge to shoot the dog, I decided that I am not going to buy another pair. I have no requirement to have a pair. I wear boots to work and I have really shiny shoes to wear with my fancy uniform. I am assuming that God is pleased that I go to church so I am not sure that he is overly concerned with the fact that I am wearing Keen sandals with my khakis, white shirt, and tie.

I had to take a Dremel tool to the soles of these shoes to grind away a little more clearance for the pedals. That was even hard.

It then occurred to me that my old mountain bike shoes that I have been using for everything from road, mountain, and commuting have sat within chewing range of a puppy for over a month. Why can't the rest of the shoe industry make shoes like Specialized mountain bike shoes.
I bought them in 2007 on sale for about $75 and they refuse to die. Not that I am looking for a reason to spend $100 on a new pair of MTB shoes when the ones I have are functional, but I would rather spend $100 on a new pair of biking shoes than some cheap feeling/looking dress shoes.

The weak link in front of the cleat where the pedal rubs on the thin strip where the cleat bolts on.

These shoes are well constructed and the weak link is actually the result of pedal design, not shoe design.

I would like to see how long they will go but my fear is that when they do, it will be some catastrophic, Youtube worthy event, in which the shoe breaks where the pedal has worn through to sole. This of course would happen when applying the most cranking power and my body would become a tangled mess with the bike. I would then have to do the walk of shame for many miles.

I just wish I knew how many miles those shoes have seen.

Perma Dirt, I am sure if I scrub hard enough they would be blackish again. But why would I

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