Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Disapointment

I am a little disappointed. Not because I spent a birthday in Mississippi. Not because I spent two hours dealing with a flat tire in rural Mississippi. Not because I am sitting in a hotel watching Twins starring Danny Davito and Arnold Schwarzenegger (I am happy that Schwarzenegger is in the auto complete spelling).

No, I can deal with these issues. What is disappointing is that I have been waiting since December to order a Surly Ogre bike frame. I was told it would be available in December. Then February. Then March 6th. Then March 12th. But when I called to order it from my LBS I was informed that my size would not be available until mid June.

Household 6 authorized the use of hazardous duty pay to purchase the frame. I already have some parts. I even purchased a Jeff Jones Loop Bar and Porcelain Rocket handlebar bag to put on it.

This is disappointing to me because I planned on using it to ride the beautiful gravel farm roads of Iowa. I was strongly considering riding during RAGBRAI. Surly, consider the exposure you could have received with upwards of 15,000 riders a day!!!!

Fortunately for Surly, there are no alternatives from other companies and I will have to wait it out. In the mean time I will stare at my handle bars and bag.

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