Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Tsunami Rides

The Irish Tsunami and I have spent a lot of time on bikes lately.  Please do not confuse a lot of time on bikes with getting somewhere.  The important thing is that they are not in front of a screen.  Simon has been the most willing participant.  Simon loves to ride and he will go the distance.  I suppose with short legs, tiny tires, and training wheels it is the equivalent of a long distance; the dog year of cycling.  The problem with him is that when he is done…..he is DONE!  If we turn around to soon and get back to the car, he gets mad.  If we go too far and don’t turn around soon enough, he gets mad and protests by moving at snail speed. 

This bike is clearly too small.  Kids and bikes are tough since they grow like weeds.

Vance has been complaining that his tires are not fast enough.  A few years ago I bought Olivia a nice Giant kid’s mountain bike.  It came with ridiculous tires, huge lugs (like a kid is goint to ride through a swamp).   It is more expensive than a kid’s bike should be, but is easily on its second kid.  It has been worth it.  Two kids have learned how to ride bikes on it.  I had to replace the front brakes because they got damaged in an accident and I just replaced the tires with “faster” tires.  Appearently they work because he takes off and leaves us in his dust (which angers me because I don’t need him a half mile ahead). 

I am going for Father of the Year:  No helmet and standing on his bike frame.

Olivia is getting tall; she outgrew her bike (now Vance’s) last summer.  I bought her a new one for her birthday.   I may have crossed the line into excess but it was a great deal.  Again, I like to buy nice bikes for the kids, they take care of them and they last much longer than department store bikes.  It is crazy to think that I am buying my daughter a small adult 26” mountain bike.  


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  1. We splurge on bikes (after age 8), too. And then they have to transport themselves the one mile to school and back.

    It looks beautiful where you are.