Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jones Loop Bars

The other day I noticed a crack in a rim on my Ogre. The wheel is six years old and has been ridden hard. I didn't have time to swap cassettes so I rode my Giant Anthem X 29er to work. It added a solid 15 minutes to the ride. I felt like I was riding in slow motion due to the Psycho Genius tires and the rear shock which does not completely lock out.

The interesting part was that a soft rear end (the bike's not mine) or inefficient tires were not the most noticable aspect of this ride. The most noticable difference was the handle bar. No different than any other handle bar I have ever had (except those annoying bull bars that game on the classic 90's GT bikes) it felt awkward.

The majority of my riding has been commuting on the Ogre with the Jeff Jones Loop H Bar and my body has become accustomed to the natural position these bars provide. Mr. Jones, I am sold. Though the bars cost more than I would prefer, the aluminum are within the price range and I would get them again. While most of my time with these bars has been spent on gravel and pavement, I can only imagine how comfortable they would be mountain biking.

Thank you to Mr. Jeff Jones!
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