Monday, November 26, 2012

The Best Reasons to Ride

The other day I was dropping my poodles off at the kennel and I noticed that I was a couple of miles overdue for an oil change.  I mentioned this to my wife and she said that is has almost been a year since it was last changed.  I could not comprehend this because I try to change oil every 3-4 thousand miles.  I stated that cannot be right, it had to be more miles and we debated this for a little while when it was settled after she said it was changed when the dealership replaced a seal for my window nearly one year ago. 
The point of this is that in during a 1 year I will have put less than 4,000 miles on my car.  I typically ride 4 days per week and it is amazing how many miles are saved by riding a bike.  Not only the 16 miles (round trip) every day but the additional miles I put on as I go to a bike shop at lunch or drive to the store for something to eat or drink.  I am much less likely to just kill a lunch hour by driving around and I can walk the ½ mile to get my munchies.   
I then told my wife to think of all of the money I have saved us.  Then she became Debby Downer and pointed out that everything I think I had saved on gas went into bicycles.  While it is true that I increased my fleet by two during this time period and also bought numerous tires, inner tubes, brake pads, wheels, chains……I think the important thing is that I would have probably bought random bike stuff anyway.  Therefore I saved money!!
I am not sure that I help the environment much; I consume tires, inner tubes, chain lube, and peanut butter w/honey sandwiches like they are going out of style.  What I have noticed is that my overall attitude, mental health, and physical conditioning have improved.  Those are the best reasons I can think of to ride a bike. 

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