Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Lost a Child!

I would like to start off this post with an amazing fact. The fact is about 1 year ago, I weighed in at 243 pounds. It was not muscle. A few weeks ago I weighed in at 213 pounds. That is thirty pounds. Just think about that. Now look at the picture below.

That is Simon, who needed a lift. He weighs about 34 pounds I have lost almost a 2 year old child’s worth of fat. Where did I keep it, obviously the weight was not on my left leg like Simon. Where was it? Check it out for yourself.

My Head

Two peas in a pod?

Anyway, here is a more recent photo (and a shameless ploy to show off a deer). Pretty amazing.

Me, not the deer (although that is pretty amazing too). My head is not nearly as fat.

I never thought I would have a weight issue, then one day I awakened and my clothes didn't fit. It is amazing to be lighter again and the pain in my knees has subsided. The secret, don't eat a bag of chips and a ton of soda everyday if you find yourself sitting behind a desk all day.

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