Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tough and Unforgiving

My wife is a wonderful woman. She has been referred to as tough and unforgiving (you probably thought I was talking about Islamabad). She actually liked that designation. Within 24 hours of giving birth to a 9lb 8oz baby she drove herself home from the hospital. Someone from church actually said that if we ever had to cross the plains with handcarts he would want her in his group.

I simply describe her as stubborn. It is possible that she is the most stubborn person in the world. I run a close second, only because I ultimately succumb to her stubbornness. My current dilemma is that I am a long ways away and I noticed that I have very few pictures of her. I have thousands of the kids and dog. The source of the problem is that she never stops moving. Seriously, perpetual motion, if I could find a way to tap that energy I could solve the world’s energy crisis and be a millionaire.

That would be cool. But it still does not solve my picture problems. Since I can’t afford those high speed cameras that allow people to photograph a frogs tongue grabbing an insect or a bullet flying through the air I will continue to be picture deficient. Vance loves to take pictures so I told Emily that she could occupy him with picture duty and she could sit still while he snapped photos. I thought it sounded great, but she is stubborn, so all I get are the memories in my mind. These are fading fast due to my current work environment.

I love you Emily and I miss you dearly. Unlike many men, I actually enjoy monogamy and family life. So this song is dedicated to you. Maybe it will inspire you to introduce beauty into my not so beautiful existence here in Islamabad.

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  1. I about choked to death with laughter at the "tough and unforgiving." You are going to get years and years of mileage out of that aren't you? Jessica