Saturday, June 12, 2010

It begins!!!!

I was sitting in the Columbus, Georgia airport trying to figure out how I could spice up my blog. Then it occurred to me that if I added a post that might actually help. I will have plenty of opportunities to do this as I spend the next two days traveling from one hot place to another. The amazing thing is that I will be leaving one hot place where I cannot understand what anyone is saying (Columbus) to go to another hot place where I cannot understand anyone (Pakistan). Even more amazing is that being a former British colony (both of them by the way) I expect the English spoken in Pakistan to be much more understandable than that of Columbus, Georgia. In addition I have started my malaria medication which states on the bottle that I should avoid direct sunlight.

Another bonus to easier communication is that I get to wear the same clothes for two days. Who doesn’t love that? I also got an e-mail from the person picking me up once I am half way around the world. He stated that I would get an opportunity to get cleaned up and change before we go to work. Wow, imagine 38 hours of travel, 9 hours time difference and I get to go to work as soon as I change my two day old underwear! I am trying to come up with a catch phrase that I can apply to situations like this. Super, oh joy, why not? If you can come up with something let me know I have a feeling I will be using that phrase a lot this year.

The next task will be to work out the bicycle situation. I will report back once I get my life in order.

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