Monday, July 12, 2010

Aim High

I have been extremely busy lately, in fact, I am so busy that it barely felt like a 12.5 hour workday. We have been working hard trying to get the Pakistan Airforce to the United States for a large training exercise. My contribution is trying to save the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars, and if I fail at that then my job is to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars. It is funny to work in an environment where you round off to the nearest million or hundred thousand dollars. Anyway, my latest trip took me on a Chinese made Y 12 air craft. The picture below is what you do when the air goes out on a plane. Instead of the little round air vents, some thrifty maintenance person put these fans in and then wired them to the no smoking/fasten seatbelt signs. Don't worry, my seat belt was fastened.

Also notice that the fan is not pointed at anyone. Oh and if you are not in the first row......sorry.

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  1. Good morning Brent
    I'm so glad you are swamped at work and spending less time in the latrine-means your health has returned and your days will go by fast. Enjoy the journey-you will remember it for the rest of your life and talk about it when you are old like me and remember 'back in the day.' Bill