Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Tale of Epic Romance: Part 1

Today I would like to tell a story about a woman who changed my life. Her name is Emily, but not the Emily I married. One day when I was in the 7th Grade, Emily approached me and said that there was a 6th grade girl that she rode the bus with and she thought that I would like her. So the next day she introduced me to a girl named Emily. Based on a two minute discussion with Emily, I decided I liked her (probably based on hormones, how much can you learn about a 6th grade girl in two minutes), so I asked her to be my girlfriend and of course she said yes. As I look back to 1989/90 about all a 13 year old could do was exchange notes and talk for endless hours on the phone. She even came to my 14th birthday party. So that is what we did……until one fateful day, Emily broke my heart.

She called me on the phone; after all, that is what we did. She told me that she had met another guy and wanted to be his girlfriend, however, if he declined she still wanted to be my girlfriend. I was devastated. As I held back my tears and tried to quell the pain in my chest, I told her that she had already made her choice and that I would not be a contingency plan. And that was it.
The year was 1992, it was the first day of my sophomore year at Helena High. I was walking down the hall to class when I saw a beautiful girl. She was smartly dressed and her blue eyes glistened in the fluorescent lights of the hallway as she looked at her class schedule. The look on her face clearly indicated that she was stressed. I approached the beautiful freshman and putting away the hurt which had scarred me for years I asked “Hi Emily, do you need some help.” Emily stated “yes, I do not know where this room is.” So I walked her to the classroom and bid adieu. For several years I desperately wanted to ask her out, however, I could not get past the pain of the last time. Trust is a difficult thing to repair once it has been broken.

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