Wednesday, August 4, 2010

True Hardship

The past few weeks have been interesting. It started off with a housemate plugging my XBOX 360 directly into the wall, frying the power pack. Then a plane with 152 people crashed into a mountain less than a mile from my house. Then the flooding started that displaced ½ a million people with thousands missing and dead. What next, locusts? No, the worst possible scenario… laptop died. After spending an hour on the phone with a guy from India (should have been a local call), he determined that the motherboard was shot and it would cost $400 to repair. A new one is cheaper than that. But I will have it fixed.

I know that the floods and plane crash pale in comparison to the suffering I have to endure by going one month or more without a computer at home (not my real home, my Pakistan home which I liket to refer to as my "Time Share"). Please don’t worry too much, I will overcome. I hope that in the end it makes me a stronger more resilient person.

In the mean time I will be limited to my iPod and 40” flat screen for entertainment. The only thing else that could go wrong is that my blackberry goes down. I know that many of you cannot even to begin to understand the hardships I am currently enduring and you may be spending a large amount of time wondering what you can do to alleviate some of the discomfort. However, I fear that there is nothing anyone can do to help me through this phase. Well, maybe Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes.


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