Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost Done

I am almost done assembling my new Surly Ogre.  This will be my gravel grinder and commuting bike.  It has a mixture of old and new parts.  Nothing fancy, my goal is quality and function.  My biggest challenge is the gearing.  I was going to go with a road crank for a large chain ring.  Turns out nobody makes a top pull road derailleur.  The result is a 48 tooth mountain crank, the Shimano LX front derailleur will handle it.       

Surly Ogre

I am excited to use the Jeff Jones Loop Bar.  I anticipate it will be comfortable with the swept back grips and multiple hand positions available.  I am going to ride it a little bit and ensure the position of the brake levers and shifters before wrapping the remainder with handlebar tape.  I think I may need a shorter stem.  Again I will ride then make the decision.

Here is my Multi-Cam Porcelain Rocket Mission Control handlebar bag. 

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