Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally Complete

The plan was simple, purchase a part here and part there to complete the list of items I had.  If a box shows up from Amazon or Price Point from time to time it is less noticeable than saying, "hey, I need $300 or so to finish this up."  At least that is what I tell myself, there is no fooling Household 6, she know what I am up to and it all adds up to $300.  Because most of my creative brainpower is used for work, I ended up saying "hey, I need $300 or so to finish."  The end result is an affordable durable ride that is capable of just about anything.

I am not going to take pictures of every aspect and part because it really is quite plain.  

I wanted something that I could run on and off road and planned on putting a road crank so I wouldn't spin out on the flats.  It is top pull and since I could not find a top pull road derailleur I went with a Shimano SLX capable of running up to a 48 tooth chain ring.  That is a good compromise because I was looking at a 50 tooth.  I used a Shimano Deore crank with the hollow tech II to provide stiffness.  My only complaint is that spacers and small parts are plastic instead of aluminum.  I am not found of the headset, but it was the right price and it is what you get when you don't do research.

I would say that the highlight so far has been the Jeff Jones Loop Bar.  I love the variety of hand positions, it makes for a comfortable ride.  I did the first 20 miles on it yesterday to listen for creaks, moans, squeaks, or rubbing.  Everything went well and I know that I am going to get a ton of use out of this bike.  It is very versatile and there are plenty of options to upgrade in the future.

I have some multi-cam Porcelain Rocket products on order.


Ogre 22" frame
Headset:  FSA Pig headset
Crank set and BB:  Shimano Deore 26/36/48 
Cassette:  Sram X.9 11-34
Front derailleur:  Shimano triple SLX
Rear derailleur:  Sram X.9
Shifters:  Sram X.9 trigger
Stem: Giant Connect 90mm
Handlebar:  Jeff Jones Loop bar
Brakes and levers:  Avid Single Digit 7 Linear Pull.
Wheels:  Shimano XT hubs with Salsa Delgado Cross rims
Seat Post:  Salsa Shaft

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