Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Need a Sponsor! Maybe two!

I need a sponsor.........or two.  I am not asking for a lot, just a little support.  I put a lot of miles on my bikes every year and even though I like to buy quality bikes and durable parts I am still a big dumb animal.  As a big dumb animal I sometimes have to replace skill with brute strength which results in broken chains, damaged grips, bent $100 Shimano XT chain rings, worn out gloves, and bent/broken spokes.  Sometimes that space between the trees is a few millimeters narrower than my bars resulting in damaged grips, scraped up handle bars, and worn out gloves (I usually end up on the ground).  Sometimes I don’t notice that broken whiskey bottle on the shoulder of the road when I am riding at 4:30 in the morning or the giant pile of broken car windshield on the ground when I am riding home 13 hours later resulting in spent patch kits, inner tubes, and tires.  I think you get the point (by the way all of these have happened in the last 365 days).

The problem is that bicycling companies are not going to give anything to an almost middle-aged, bald, slightly soft in the mid-section dude who breaks stuff.  My problem is that my fleet is growing and this year seems to be the year everything is wearing out (or breaking).  I just need a little support from a few of the companies that I love the most.      

The following is the list of companies that I wish would throw me a bone.  Here we go!

Salsa Cycles:  I have purchased two of your bikes and I have one on lay away and I love them all.  Well sort of; I have a love/hate relationship with the EBB on my El Mariachi, but I love the way it rides when the Bushnell EBB wants to cooperate.  I am paying on a 2012 Mukluk but I know I will love it when I get those big fat tires.  I have numerous jerseys and I have had amazing success with Delgado Cross rims.  This year I will have to retire one of these rims after 6 solid years of riding on about every surface material possible.   I found a crack in the rim and had to order a new wheel 4 days before RAGBRAI, stuck with the Delgado Cross.  The problem is that I am blowing my bike part budget on a Mukluk, I know I will love.  Salsa products are amazing, I am not asking for much, the good Lord knows I don't need another bike, I just need some parts to keep me rolling.  I can always use Delgado Cross rims, lock-on grips, handle bar tape, hubs, or handlebars!

Continental Tires:  I swear by your GatorSkin tires.  I have tried many tires from many brands on the road.  I have torn, cut, and pulled huge nails from many of these other brands.  Your GatorSkins have yet to let me down.  While I have never used your mountain bike tires I would love to have some Race King tires.  I tend to go with mountain bike tires that are on sale as puncture resistance is virtually non-existent with mountian bike tires and it is hard to find Continental MTB tires on sale (especially 29er).  Travel Contact tires look like they would be great for the Surly Ogre or some Top Contact Winter II for the upcoming winter.  I love the look and feel of new tires.  

Keen:  I have purchased 2 pair of sandals, 2 pair of shoes, and a pair of cummuter bike sandals over the last 5 years.  My wife has purchased at least twice that, but who really knows what she buys.  Keen shoes are the only ones durable enough for Number 3, the thick toes and solid soles survive his abuse.  Number one and two have had numerous pairs.  I think I have made my point.  They are the best footwear I have ever purchased.  With winter coming up and a new Mukluk on the way, I could use some solid winter foot wear.  Keen, thanks in advance for the winter boots!

Endura:  Your cold weather bike clothing is amazing.  It actually fits and if it says waterproof, they mean it.  I have owned countless pairs of gloves.  They take every bit of abuse I have handed them (get it?).  With winter coming on, I could use a pair of pants and a new jacket. 

Specialized:  While I don't own any of your bikes (they are amazing I am not sure why I don't), I love your shoes.  Every year my mother in law buys me a pair for Christmas.  This is a pseudo sponsorship as they don't come out of my pocket, but if they came from you, she could buy me something else.  I also think your BG gloves are some of the most comfortable I have owned.  I would be grateful for some shoes and I certainly wouldn't turn away a Stumpjumper!!!

Park Tools:  In case you haven't figured it out, I break a lot of stuff.  I use your work stand everyday.  Everything requires a tool to repair or replace.  I burn through your patch kits like a something that goes through something quickly.  While I have some of your basics, I would take be most grateful for a truing stand or torque wrench.  Again, even a patch kit would be appreciated.

My Local Bike Shop and has taken pity on me and has given me a "volume" discount but that only gets me so far.  A sponsor or two would be nice!

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