Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I love my morning ride: But not today

I have come to love my morning commute.  Today I pushed off at 4:50 a.m.  I love how quite and calm it is.  The cool temperatures are refreshing.  Roads that are normally packed with cars operated by distracted drives are bare allowing me to have some space to avoid potholes and drainage grates.  Though I almost did run over someone (turns out it was a coworker out for a run) the ride is devoid of human interaction.

I get tired of people, my days are full of commotion, my ride home is frantic with traffic, and when I get home it is like a World Wide Wrestling federation match.  Even though I don't like to get up early, the morning ride helps give me time to think, reflect, and relax before the storm. 

This morning was a little different though.  As I came up on the Government Bridge, I noticed another rider coming up a ramp from the bike path.  As soon as I got across, I dropped from the bike path to the road in order to get through the gate onto the island.  As I was cruising along to Moby I heard someone talking to me.  I pulled out the ear phones and the man on the bike said "hey, the battery on your tail light must be low your reflector belt seams to be the only thing working for you."  I told him thank you and that was the purpose of the reflector belt.  "He then stated that the my blinking tail light should be perpendicular to the road for better viewing."  Again, I said thank you and didn't want to get into the conversation that the light is from 1995 and the mount broke years ago and is duct taped to my Ogre the frame. 

So, today is shot.    


  1. You and Russell need to get together and talk bikes. A while back he got a new super fabulous seat that he was extremely excited about, but I didn't get why. He rides to work every morning, too. Even in Montana winters!

    1. I will get in touch. Seats are always a risky purchase. I have been in VA for a while and winters are mild. I am in Iowa now and preparing to ride all winter. It is a commitment.