Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Irish Tsunami


You may ask yourself "what is so amazing about two kids fighting?"  You may also be asking "why is this woman is standing in the rain smiling as her children fight inches in front of her?"

This picture epitomizes the Irish Tsunami and why we have attached that moniker.  What makes this picture amazing is the time that it took to go from nice calm seas to a massive wave of destruction, just as a tsunami can unexpectedly destroy a coastline.  

When I pushed the shutter release (do digital cameras have a shutter release?) all three of them were standing and posing with smiles.  In the nanosecond that it took for the camera to actually take the picture the kids had gone from smiling pleasant children to............this.  As for the smiling mother standing there, looking oblivious to the reality in front of her, she didn't even have time to react before this image was captured in time! 

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