Monday, August 31, 2009

My Daughter: Playing Chicken in the Alley

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A couple of years ago, don't worry Vance wears a helmet

The other day I was out riding bikes with my kids. It occured to me that they love to ride. Olivia does very well on a bike, she cannot go fast enough. Although she seems to be in control she makes me nervous. Vance does not understand the concept of brakes. He goes fast and is out of control which makes me very nervous. Imagine if you will a 7 year-old girl and a 4 year-old boy racing in the alley. It should make you nervous.

At one point, Olivia thought it was fun to play chicken with Vance. Neither he nor I thought that was at all fun. What was fun though, is that we were all out riding bikes together. My kids love it. Our alley is paved and has the perfect slope for learning to ride bikes. I look forward to the day that Vance can ride without training wheels.

Every now and then, Olivia and I will jump on our bikes and ride to Wendy’s for a daddy/daughter date. I love sitting down with her and talking about life. Olivia usually orders a frosty for Emily which goes in her tattered handle bar basket (it is mostly zip ties due to the fact it gets crushed every time she wrecks). One day she crashed in the alley, it is a good thing that the hamburger tastes the same in a crushed from as it does in the non-crushed form.

I took her to a bike shop and she took a mountain bike for a test ride. She did surprisingly well with the brake levers. I am sure the crashes would increase until she gets used to them. She keeps asking about it. I see her riding some dirt trails by the end of the year. She also saw a handlebar bag with a zipper. She said "hey dad, if I had that nothing would fall out when I crash!" At least she is realistic.

I am glad that my kids love to ride bikes as much as I do. I hope they continue that trend through life.

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