Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ride of Non-Epic Proportions

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I had our fourth child. Mainly my wife. I took the week off to take care of the other three so she could focus on the task at hand, the Newbie. Since I didn’t have to get up early, which I hate, I stayed up to enjoy the silence. If you have kids you know what I am talking about. The only quiet time I get is after everyone is in bed. This makes the morning painful. However, with a new baby I could blame my exhaustion the next day on the newbie. This is a great plan except for the fact that he sleeps all night.
Anyway, I spent the nights reading my favorite blogs and then some. I found one in which a woman from Alaska documented her ride down the Great Divide trail . What an adventure. I was inspired, so much so that I decided I would do my own exciting adventure.

I will be doing my own unsupported bicycling adventure. Although it will not be to the magnitude of the Great Divide, it will be my first overnight bicycling trip. I am sure that because I am unprepared, out of shape, and inexperienced it will be full of calamity and pain. But whatever, that is what makes life fun. Get out of the comfort zone. I will be doing a rails to trails ride called the New River Trail. It will only be 100 miles round trip. For the first time I am going to start small and try not to get in over my head.

I do have one outstanding question. There are a lot of people that seem to do major bikes rides, month long deals. What do they do for work?

I will publish the results of what will probably turn out to be a nice, painful couple of days. After all, I am getting soft.

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  1. They are housewives, old money, computer programmers, free lance writers, and school teachers. Or they do like my friend and I did when we were young and free - we quit our jobs to go on a big ride, and found new jobs at the end of the ride. Brent, you might be able to get by as a free lance writer!
    -Jen Martin