Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am a Winner.....Sort of, thanks Salsa Cycles

I tried to win a bike one time in an online contest with a major bike company.  The entry requirement was a blog about bicycling and how it fits into your life.  Hence this blog.  I didn't win.  You will probably understand why when you stumble through this.  Besides, it was a stupid bike anyway.

Not long ago, I saw a link to the Reveal Your Path Postcard Contest on Salsa's Facebook page:
It reminded me of my previous failure so I quickly dismissed it.  Besides, I lack creativity and artistic ability.  But then I looked at the entry requirements and the Post Card could be anything and this is a great bike that I really want!  Then it hit me like a ton of heavy stuff (really it could have been light stuff adding up to a ton). 

While living in Islamabad, a friend made connections with a Jingle Truck guy.  Follow this link to a great article on Jingle Trucks.  It really is a great article on the culture of Jingle Trucks and you should read if you didn't.  The idea was that we could buy bits and pieces of their art for souvenirs.  It quickly became a trend and we found out they did custom work.  As a fan of Salsa Cycles I knew what I wanted so a friend of mine looked up the Pepper Globe on the Internet and we used his photo printer to make a terrible small print of the Pepper Globe.  A friend of mine translated in Urdu that I wanted the top green and the pepper red.  We used hand gestures to approximate size and agreed on the price of Pakistan Rupee 3,814 ($40).  I figured I would get a really bad rendition, but that is part of the fun too.  To my surprise it turned out far beyond my expectation.  The detail was amazing!!!  The best part was the Rs 3,814 got me two.  

So I used this amazing piece of work and wrote a "post card" applying it to the back with spray adhesive.  I packed it carefully and a few days later I saw this on Facebook!

  "Holy tin snips!  Wait till you see the latest "post card" entry that arrived today...but just remember, simple entries are great too!"

Then I went to their site and saw the following. 

They captured the detail well. 

In the end I did not win the Grand Prize, however, I won a nice Pro Moto stem with Ti hardware and a handlebar.  This was not a stupid bike and I would have loved to win it, but I will take a consolation prize of this magnitude.  

I replaced the stem on my Mukluk with this shiney and light upgrade and but the bars on my Giant Anthem X29er so I would have something with a more comfortable sweep.

This is the greatest thing I have ever won (besides the Alberston's grocery store coloring contest in which I earned $5 which was a lot for a 5 year old) and I love Salsa Cycles. 

Thumbs Up!!!

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