Sunday, May 19, 2013

I think Summer is Here

Until last week, when I walked outside, I assumed that it would be cold and windy.  That has been the trend all spring, give us a really nice day than drop to a high in the 40s and low in the 30s for the rest of the week.  Miserable.  Psychological torture is the best way to describe this. We have managed to get some occasional nice days in before the drops in temperatures.

As far as my riding, I had all sorts of goals to ride.  In my mind it would be hundreds of miles per week.  Yeah......that worked.  The kid's activity schedule has picked up with piano, band, swim team and swim meets.  House Hold 6 is the PTA president and has meetings and activities planned in addition to the kids stuff.  Of course I have work requirements in addition to supporting all of the above listed things.  As a result my mileage has suffered.  So goes life.

In Irish Tsunami regalia.....years from now the Chick will regret her sock choice!
Considering the few days we had this spring, I decided that instead of me taking off and leaving everyone, I would take kids.  I have really enjoyed this even though it means slow and short rides.  I love spending time with them.  They certainly enrich my life.  

On a good note, Nater learned to ride without training wheels.  House Hold 6 wanted me to make sure everyone know that she taught him to ride.


I taught him the "freedom" victory cry.  In the past we have had problems going a couple of miles.  We do three or more routinely with no issues whatsoever.  He is a motor.  Anytime I ask if he wants to ride, there is no hesitation.  The hard part is keeping track of him.

Digga got a new bike for his birthday and he loves it.  I spend a little more on their bikes.  I teach them to take care of their equipment.  It is worth it in the long run.  We have one Giant kids bike that will easily make it through three kids.  Unfortunately for the younger kids they don't get a new bike.  Oh well, so far no one has complained.

 He was very happy with his birthday present.  

 Taking a break by the Mississippi.

 Duck Creek Parkway....Good Old Reliable

Rock Island Arsenal...a hidden gem in the Mississippi.  Nater running free.

I am truly grateful that I have the opportunity to get out and ride with the kids.  Life goes by pretty quickly so I try to capture these moments whenever possible.

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