Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old Man Mountain Sherpa Mukluk/Fat Bike Retrofit for the Surly Ogre

This is something that I am really excited about.  I was pleased to find out that Old Man Mountain racks made a specific rack for my 2011/12 Salsa Mukluk, aka, The Panzer.  I like it when things are purpose built and don't require a lot of manipulation, another word for bending. 

As the winter came to a close I decided it was time to break out the Ogre for commuting.  I love the Panzer it is everything you would want in a bike......except speed.  I loved having a rack and panniers on it.  It made packing simple.  I could take uniform, boots, running shoes, running clothes, lunch, and extra layering for winter stuff.  The Surly Ogre was purpose built to accept just about any accessory made for a bike so finding a rack that would fit was not an issue.  The issue is that I hate to spend a bunch of money on duplicate items.  As a side note, I would have it necessary.

In comes Old Man Mountain.  I e-mailed Channing to ask him what the best solution was: to use longer bolts for my Mukluk Sherpa or just by a Cold Springs rack.  He could have easily said buy a new one, but he didn't.  For $21 he made me a new lower fit kit that had a spacer welded on and sent longer bolts.  All I need was to take off the Mukluk fit kit and put on the Ogre specific kit.

Old Man Mountain Fat Bike Edition

The lower fit kit had spacers to make up for the fat rear end of the Panzer
Sherpa for Mukluk with Ortlieb on Surly Ogre
 Old Man Mountain Sherpa rack for the Mukluk with a fit kit to fit a Surly Ogre with Panniers on

 From the side

retro fit with new OMM Fit Kit
From the front with panniers

Amazing, it required no manipulation.  Maybe a little wider than necessary but hey, it gets the job done.    In the fall I will swap fit kits and throw it on the Salsa Mukluk. 

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