Monday, May 20, 2013

Off Road Ride with the Tsunami

The other day I took the Chick and Digga to Sunderbruch Park for a little off road action.  As stated before, I would like to do at least three times the mileage however it is essential that they enjoy life.    The kids were playing with their friends so I figured my suggestion would meet a little resistance.  Digga was in from the get go.  He got a new bike and he loves it.  As soon as the Chick found out it was going to be on dirt she quickly agreed.  

The weather was perfect and the trail conditions were great for this time of year.  I think that overall the trails at Sunderbruch are better for a beginner.  There are less bizarre hazards like random bricks and rebar protruding from the ground. 

  The only thing I don’t like is that there is a little more to the climbs, including big roots on steep ascents.  This is a big challenge for little legs.  Not much more climbing (on the green trails) but more than Sylvan Island.

Vance is a motor.....he took off and just kept cranking.

 The Chick struggled a little, though most of it was mechanical.

Her chain was rubbing and skipping which caused her a lot of frustration.  This is completely understandable.  Also, I purposely purchased a bike that was a little big for her, knowing she would grow into it so her ability to throw it around is limited.  I am toying with the idea of putting on lower profile tires and switching her bike to a 1x9.
Getting them to understand gears and shifting is an ongoing process.  I always talk to them in advance and emphasize that this is supposed to be a fun activity and to work as hard as possible.  I reiterate that even the best have to get off and push sometimes.  I also have to remind them that they need to give the person in front some space.  This is important for two reasons, one is that if the other person falls down you don’t crash into them.  Two is that if the other person struggles up a hill or obstacle you don’t lose momentum and do the same.  These all pretty much fall upon deaf ears.  They will learn…..or crash into each other. 

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