Friday, April 23, 2010

True and Believable: Part II

Click on the photo. Once you get past the deadness and the tongue, you can see the beauty of this deer's 9 inch drop tine.
I would like to begin by telling you that my partner in crime is a 17 year old. As I stated last time, what could possibly go wrong with the plan we developed. Well here is the plan of all plans. A plan that makes Operation Overlord look like a trip to the local grocery store.

We had two issues to overcome, the first was the down payment. I couldn't possibly ask Emily for several hundred dollars for a down payment on something that she absolutely was against. The second was final payment, pickup and delivery. This was less of an issue.

Here is the solution to problem number one. Luke just got a job and he has been saving up. He and I discussed a loan. I know what you are thinking, "Brent, you are a captain with eight years in the U.S. Army, he is 17 and bags groceries at the store. For minimum wage." Well I have two comments for that, the first is that he just got a twenty cent per hour raise. The second is the key to the plan, how could Emily deny a 17 year-old-who-works-for-minimum-wage-plus-twenty-cents the repayment of the money.

This was the genius of the plan. The remainder of the money will not be a problem since I am about to deploy and I will be making what I like to refer to as insanity money. I call it that because not that it is an insane amount, but putting your life on the line for an extra $250 a month and no taxes is insane.

Delivery is easy, although he does not have a drivers license yet, I am hoping he does by the time time the deer is mounted in 10 months. Ok, maybe we didn't think that one through all the way. But it would benefit the both of us if he would get a license.

Like I said, what could possibly go wrong with this plan. Well one night when Emily and I were out with our friend Jessica, who is also the mother of my 17 year old accomplice. Well, I decided to come clean, I could no longer live a lie.

I would like to say that my wife is a wonderful, beautiful, and patient person. I was basically informed that the deer would go in the basement and what was I thinking.

I would like to say that our plan was essentially fool proof. The only problem is that I am a fool. I will also have a mount in the basement. So I guess it worked. I am a genius.

Did I mention my wife is beautiful?

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  1. Emily, you must really love him to put up with that. And Brent you must really love Emily to settle on a mount in the basement. It seems like an oxymoron. (I'm NOT trying to be insulting.)