Monday, May 10, 2010

Ohio, need I say more.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to tour Ohio. While Ohio is one of the most populated and industrial states, it is also extremely flat and boring. Unless you like farmland and trees. I have forgotten how nice it is to travel without children. While I enjoy going places with my kids and seeing their eyes light up when they see something new and different, it is much more peaceful to go it alone. Anyone with kids knows exactly what I am talking about.

My trip began with the rental car, I violated my policy of driving something that had KIA (killed in action) on it and rented a Rio. Not only are KIA's surprisingly uncomfortable and really small, but they are absolutely the most gutless car in the world. I think I saw donkey carts in Iraq that accelerated faster. Anyhow, my destination was Toledo to visit a friend of mine. So I punched the address into the On Dash High Speed GPS (ODHSGPS). Hey, I am in the Army, everything has to be an acronym.

ODHSGPS. Come on, its a KIA Rio!

I cranked up my Electronica/Trance favorites (OK, I just came out, I like Electronica/Trance like Moby, Gabriel and Dresden, Armin Van Burren.....) and I hit the road determined to see all that the area had to offer. I was not disappointed, for the most part. It also turns out that Ohio is the unofficial official bicycle capital of America. Being the history buff that I am, I quickly discovered that Dayton, Ohio was home to Huffy Bicycles, possibly the worlds greatest bikes. With commercials like those, it is a wonder that Huffy ever had problems.

Bicycling was so popular in Dayton that the Wright Brothers built four bike shops and used their money and bicycle experience in the development of the first powered flight. I saw a sign that directed me to one of their shops. It was surprisingly boring. Seriously. But I took a picture anyway.


Unlike some people, probably most, I like to drive and see where the road takes me. Well it took me into a not so nice part of Dayton. While searching for the interstate on my ODHSGPS I encountered an area that would frighten the average person, but being slightly above average and having a very strict policy on crying (I was in a Rio not the shower) I punched the accelerator and nothing happened (I was in a Rio).

Once back on the interstate I headed north. At one point I got so bored I started counting grain elevators. Boring!!!!! Then I saw a sign pointing out the Bicycle Museum of America. Not having a kids or wife I made the turn and drove thirteen miles off of the interstate to New Bremen, Ohio. This museum was pretty cool, the guy who owns it bought out Schwinn's collection when they went out of business.

I also got the opportunity to eat a Tony Packo's, a Toledo specialty.

The return trip was equally uneventful. My ODHSGPS works just as well going the other way.

There was only one major issue that left me unsatisfied. I kept seeing advertisements on Billboards for a special beverage, yet when I stopped at convenience stores and asked, they looked at me funny.

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