Monday, May 17, 2010


Well it is official, I am in Visa Purgatory. While I wait for my Official Passport to get stamped I am now working at Fort Belvoir. I am a couple hour drive from home, so I can visit on the weekends. In the mean time I am living in a much nicer room. Additionally, about 1 mile from my hotel there is a 15 mile bike path that starts at Mount Vernon, following the Potomac, ending by D.C. Pretty nice for a guy like me.

I sleep much better in this hotel. Check out the KING size bed. It also has a mix of pillows so I can choose my favorite firmness. I even brought my Salsa Las Cruces (for those that don't speak Spanish that translates to "THE Cruces"). If you can't have your family, you might as well have the most wonderful bicycle in the world.

It is a huge room and has a nice flat screen t.v. in the middle so it can swivel. The only problem is that my bike demanded the bed and I had to fold out the love seat bed. Then it occurred to me, sleep with the bike, either way I would have a bar in my back.

It is still less painful then Vance's elbows when he sneaks into our bed at night.

All was well until we started arguing about who got to hold the remote. I lost and we had to watch "Quick Silver" with Kevin Bacon.

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