Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lick the Wind

I have been suffering from sleep deprivation, I apologize to my one follower for not posting anything new during the past couple of days.

In 1996 I started my first freshman year of college. I started a semester later then many of my friends due to my interest in everything but school. On a positive note, I did graduate from college after 7 years, it is true I could have been a doctor, but fishing and biking were very important too. During that first term, I took Art Appreciation. This was an enlightening class in which we learned to recognize different periods of architecture, art, and music. I found the music to be the most challenging due to the fact that it is so complex. “Listen, did you hear that bell” the professor would…profess. “That is symbolic of the cannon that started the battle.” I have great inner dialogue and I would say to myself “That sounds like a little bell, not a big gun.” As I said, it took me seven years to get out of college.

Well I am proud to say that even after all of the years that have gone by, I have not lost my ability to get the most out of music. Music is a wonderful, it is relaxing, energizing, and helps a person sleep through both incoming and outgoing mortar attacks. I have learned to listen to the subtly of music. Recently I have started listening to my I pod while mountain biking. I have found that not only does it improve my performance; I have also started riding longer. In order to keep myself a well rounded individual I have assigned the following genres their own day:

Monday: Rock (Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen)

Tuesday: Indie Rock (I don’t know, but neither does anyone else, that is why they are Indie)

Wednesday: 80’s Pop/electronic (New Order, Moby, Depeche Mode)

Thursday: 80’s Glam Bands (Poison, Guns N’ Roses)

Friday: Def Leppard (Def Leppard)

Saturday: Random/Mixed (anything that comes on, this can be a downer)

Sunday: Day of rest

Now, I know what you are thinking “Def Leppard is not a genre of music!” To which I would respond that it is in fact its own genre for the following reasons:

1. They have a one armed drummer.

2. They are only one of five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million records.

3. They have a one armed drummer.

I think that those are three very valid reasons.

You may also be thinking that it is not a very rounded list of music. There is a simple explanation for this. I have found that it is hazardous to listen to classical music while I ride. Last time I was riding on the battlefield and listening to Beethoven’s Symphony Number 2 in D major (opus 36), I found myself concentrating so hard on the differences between the first and second movement, I hit a water bar and crashed. However, there is nothing quite as invigorating as riding to the third movement, I love a good scherzo, but I do get somewhat turned off by the bassoon.

The last Thursday I rode on the battlefield, I found myself listening to Poison, it was Glam Band day after all. In particular, Ride the Wind jumped out at me like a car door on a narrow street. This song was written at Poison’s maturity as Glam Rock artists, much like Beethoven’s String Quartets 1-6 (Opus 18). Yes, I just compared Poison to Beethoven. Stay with me here. My acute ability to analyze music apparently failed. Is that a surprise to anyone, the depth of Poison’s music and lyrics could catch any music connoisseur off guard. I was trying to figure out some of the lyrics, although I didn’t wreck, it was a serious distraction for the remainder of the ride. When I got home I did a lyric search on VH1. I have linked the lyrics, once again, the depth is amazing. I encourage anyone to study and digest them. After I spent hours pondering them it occurred to me why this song stuck out, Bret Michaels not only had an insight to my soul, but I am convinced he wrote it about bicycling.

I have attached some of the applicable lyrics and through my outstanding education I will provide you with an in analysis. The lyrics are in black and my comments are in red:

Hearts of fire: My heart when dove hunters shot in my general direction last weekend

Streets of stone: Of course this is in reference to the Hell of the North, the Paris-Roubaix

Modern warriors saddle iron horses of chrome: I am clearly a warrior and I am convinced the recording industry forced him to go with chrome v. ChroMoly. Additionally, I forgive him for not using scandium aluminum, that would sound a bit awkward.

Taste the wild: Like the time the bug flew in my mouth

Lick the wind: I have no clue

Their jaws dropping to the floor: Clearly the reaction I get when I walk into the rural Virginia gas station on route 10 to get more water.

Steel made of soul and sin: My Salsa El Mariachi 29'r, it is steel. I hope that there was no sinning involved in its production

Battle scars and Lonely Bars: This is in reference to the scar tissue that exists from crashing on Mount Helena and the ridge line trail. Of course most would think of the lonely bar as an Establishment. No, not me I think of the poor Bell Lap Handle Bars sitting on my bike waiting for me and my hands to caress them when we don't get the quality hours of bonding time.

Only the Bravest Try: This one hurts a little. I consider myself brave but I do not intend to ride at my non-epic ride location until random killers are caught.

To completely understand the significance of this song, I recommend you read at a pace where you can slowly digest the true meaning. Then watch it, I am sure Beethoven had similar issues with his performances.

By the way, the lyrics that had me stumped on my ride was "lick the wind."

In retrospect, I tend to ride with my mouth gaping and tongue hanging out. Could that be "licking the wind?"

Next week I will analyze a personal favorite from Kiss. You guessed it Love Gun.

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