Monday, September 14, 2009

More Chicken

Saturday, the kids were riding their bikes in the alley. Olivia likes to go as fast as she can, she has brakes but doesn't like to use them. She has an odd variation of Chicken. Instead of two willing participants testing their bravery (or stubbornness) by riding at each other, Olivia tests my patience. Much to my chagrin she likes to see how close she can get to Vance while riding as fast as she can. Unlike chicken, Vance has nothing to prove and is not a willing participant nor do I approve of this game. He is still on training wheels and does not use his brakes either, mainly because he doesn't seem to grasp the concept.

Well it finally happened, Olivia came flying down the hill at a pretty good rate of speed, only this time they both swerved in the same direction. Oddly enough, Olivia was the only one that was "injured" in this event. Nothing a couple of small Hello Kitty band-aids couldn't handle. I will say that it was a pretty good tangle of pink streamers, basket, Olivia, and cheap bikes.

Here is the kicker, when I not so calmly asked why she did that, she stated "I was looking at the birds." Now I am not one to call my children liars, but I watched the whole event. I eventually got her to confess to it. I am not one to punish those that feel the effects of their own poor decision making. After all, how many times have I learned by burning myself. I was just glad that Vance came away unscathed.

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